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myFirst Sketch II

$29.00 $29.00

Amend Notes with Partial Erase
In addition to our one clear all button, our built-in Sketch II comes with an eraser on the end of it. Press the partial erase button, simply turn the pen over to the rubber end, and softly erase. Then hit the return button to continue your work. It’s that simple!

Magnetic Sketch Pad
Comes with a magnetic strip so you can attach the pad to the fridge or a metal surface. It will be handy to have in the kitchen so you, Mums, don’t need to look for paper to write that reminder or shopping list.

Lock Your Sketch
The lock screen button on the Sketch II allows your kids to keep what they’ve drawn without accidental marks or erases.

Growing Up with myFirst Sketch
myFirst Sketch II is designed to add joy to your child’s learning process. After all, drawing is the building block for learning new complex concepts. Journey with us as we build big minds together!

Ideal Tool
The new precised erase sketch pad with Partial Erase functionality. Ideal tool for kids, designers, businessmen, office family memo, and deaf-mute people communication.

Perfect Platform
A perfect platform for parents and children to interact while helping your kids grow with our three-stage journey. Fine tip stylus for writing practices, doodles, and creative arts.