Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip Kit

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Your Smart Lighting Basics
✓ Ultra vivid screen mirroring
✓ Trimmable lightstrip
✓ Privacy cover for camera
✓ Use with TV screens or monitors

Title: Up to 65 inch TVs & Monitors


Seeing is Believing

Experience the ultra-immersive ″4D″ effect as the vibrant backlighting illuminates your space with the colours from your favourite shows, movies, and video games.

Vivid Screen Mirroring

The colours from your favourite shows, movies, and video games extend out from your screen and into your space for an ultra-immersive entertainment experience.

Sync Across 50+ Nanoleaf Devices

Ambient lighting and mirroring effects are enhanced with this high resolution addressable gradient lightstrip, allowing for multiple colours to appear on the lightstrip at once for the most accurate representation of your screen.

10 Colour Zones Per Metre

Control via app or voice with unlimited customisations via the Nanoleaf App.

Customize To Fit Your Screen

Trim the lightstrip to the best length to suit your screen size. Lighting effects automatically remap to the new length.

Endless Entertainment

Choose from 4 Screen Mirror modes with varying degrees of immersion to best suit what you're watching—from ambient background lighting, to fluid colour melts, and finally a direct "4D" match for the highest impact.

Add Rhythm sound reactivity to any screen mirror mode to bring your favourite music videos and soundtracks to life!

Dynamic Colour-Changing Scenes

Design your own lighting effects with 16M+ colours, or discover thousands created by the community. Enjoy these non-mirroring Scenes even when the screen is off: Set the ultimate gameshow vibe for trivia nights, rep your team for the big game, or just unleash your inner artist for all to see.

Rhythm Music Visualizer

Turn on a non-mirroring Rhythm Scene and watch as your lights react to your favourite music playlists in real-time for a complete audio-visual lightshow.

Magic Scenes

Enter any word to "magically" generate a unique Scene inspired by it. Try it with the titles or character names from your favourite shows, movies, or video games for a colourful and thematic treat!

Nanoleaf 4D Screen Mirror + Lightstrip Kit

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