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Nanoleaf Essentials


Lightstrip Starter Kit (2m)
Lightstrip Expansion Kit (1m)

Your smart lighting basics

  • Choose from over 16M+ colours
  • Enjoy increased productivity and comfort with circadian lighting
  • Schedule your lights to wake up naturally to sunrise colours and more
  • Thread-Enabled for improved connection and range


Smart Tunable White and Colour LED Lighting
Nanoleaf Essentials are your not-so-basic smart lighting basics. The first two products in the line—the A19 Bulb and Lightstrips—are the first of their kind to work with Thread technology for a wider control range and no dropped connection with improved reliability like you've never seen before. Enjoy the brightest white lighting for your day-to-day or splashes of RGB colours that set the perfect mood anytime. Use your Essentials with the standard Bluetooth, or with Thread for a next-level smart lighting experience.

The First of it's Kind
One of the first Thread-enabled smart lights with improved reliability, a fast and stable smart home experience. Stepping up from Bluetooth to this upgraded technology means no more dropped connections and instant control, all with one compatible border router (like Apple HomePod mini). Bluetooth is available as well.

Increase Your Well-being, Sleep and Mood
The sun is a great regulator of our mind and our body, so we've created that experience for you to enjoy inside your own home. Nanoleaf's Circadian Lighting automatically adjusts your lights to match the colour temperature based on the time of day to maximize your energy level or relax after a long day. This feature helps to balance your natural circadian rhythm to keep your body ready for work, play or sleep.