Neo Smartpen Dimo

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Your First Smartpen
✓ Keep all your precious records on paper digitally
✓ Easily search for what you need
✓ Never lose your notes again
✓ Send and share your notes instantly

Colour: Black


Digital Convenience of Analog Writing

The digital pen is equipped with an optical sensor, and each sheet of N Notebooks has unique Ncode symbols that only the Neo Smartpen recognises. Dimo's sensor reads the barely-visible codes and captures the strokes you've written on the Ncoded pages, then saves them digitally. Everything you write or draw is automatically digitised into your device when you go online into the companion app.

Good Design

The compact and round design of the Neo Smartpen Dimo allows a comfortable writing experience with its ergonomic grip. It uses a Standard D1-Type pen tip, and you can always replace it with D1 refills. The battery can last for up to a month if the pen is used for an hour daily and the battery replacement is made easy and intuitive with a removable battery cap.

Companion App

The Neo Notes app allows you to convert analog writing into text through transcription with the support of up to 15 languages. You can search, edit, share, backup, autosave, tag, and use calendar view and handwriting recognition features within the app. You can also record lectures using the app with your smart device's microphone while writing, and even playback the voice recording since it's integrated with the handwriting.

Neo Smartpen Dimo

Technical Specifications