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Smart Body Composition Scale with Heart Rate
✓ Complete body composition with 15 stats
✓ Tracks heart rate measurement
✓ User auto-recognition with Wi-Fi
✓ Compact & lightweight

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Your Personal Fitness Partner

NOERDEN SENSORI is a Wi-Fi Smart Body Scale with User Auto-recognition to track heart rate and analyse your body through 10 biometrics.

Beyond Numbers

Whether your goal is to gain or lose weight, get an instant and detailed analysis of your body that will help you to take action. With 15 measurements, clear graphs and professional tips, you will only need to follow the app's indicators to adjust your diet and/or workout and reach your body target.

Advanced Innovation

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) Technology with ITO coating for optimal conductivity and the most accurate data.

Weight, fat mass (% & kg), lean body mass (% & kg), hydration (% & kg), visceral fat, bone mass (% & kg), BMI, BMR, metabolic age, body score and heart rate.

SENSORI in the App

NOERDEN app is designed for you to keep track of your evolution and reach your goals!

In the app:
- Set your goal
- View your progress
- Get explanations & tips
- Share your data

& unlock badges when reaching milestones!

Compact & Convenient

Lightweight & small. Access advanced tech in the comfort of your home and easily share the results with your physician.


Technical Specifications