Petcube Cam

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1080p HD Smart Pet Camera
✓ 110° wide-angle view
✓ Sharp 1080p HD Video with night vision
✓ Smooth two-way audio
✓ Crystal-clear nightvision

Stay Connected To Your Pet

See, talk, and keep tabs on your pets and the most precious things at home.

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The Smartest Pet Cam

Since day one, our mission has been to connect pets to the Internet and give them a voice. Powered by cutting-edge, AI-technology, Petcube Cam is your pet's all-in-one smartphone and nanny.

Spy On Your Pets

Cam delivers a sharp 1080p HD live streaming video with a 110° wide-angle view for full-room coverage. For details, see up close with 8x digital zoom.

Chat With Your Pets

Say hello, soothe your pet, or prevent destructive behaviour. Cam provides a natural, life-like sound for your pet to recognise your voice.

Monitor At Night

See things clearly up to 30 feet in pitch-dark. The camera will auto switch to night vision in low light and no light conditions.

Petcube Cam

Technical Specifications