Sphero BOLT

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Programmable Robot Ball to Learn Coding
✓ Learn programming in a fun and engaging way
✓ Let creativity shine through with customisable sensors
✓ Play educational games and STEAM activities
✓ Create new learning experiences

Learn To Code

BOLT is Sphero’s most advanced coding robotic ball to date, providing even more ways to express inventive ideas and experience the power of programming.

New Features. Endless Possibilities.

BOLT's programmable sensors include a compass, light sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, motor encoders, and infrared communications. Because of these advanced sensors, manually aiming your Sphero is now a thing of the past. BOLT’s built-in compass lets you automatically aim and drive your educational robot, plus you can program BOLT to follow real-world directions on a map. You can also code with the ambient light sensor that can tell if it’s light or dark, allowing for programming conditions based on brightness.

Go #BeyondCode

BOLT paves the way for iridescent experiences and shocking amounts of fun while learning. Simply drive BOLT and play games with the Sphero Play app. Using the Sphero Edu app, program your BOLT using draw and drive commands, Scratch blocks, or even JavaScript text programming. The Sphero ecosystem of hardware and software allows kids of all learning and coding abilities to develop resiliency, creativity, and problem-solving skills in the classroom, living room and beyond.

Coding Made Fun

Program the BOLT using drawing, scratch, and javascript to make learning fun again.

Packed With Specs

Equipped with advanced robot sensors that you can program and use to learn more about robotics.

Sphero BOLT

Technical Specifications