Suunto Vertical

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Adventure Watch for Outdoor Expeditions and Training.
✓ Designed for adventurers valuing exceptional reliability
✓ Know where to go with maps & guides
✓ Primed for extended journeys with unmatched battery life
✓ Perfect for navigation with assured precision

Color: All Black


Choose to Go Beyond Your Limits.

Some people choose the average – but adventurers need a tool they can trust. With the best battery life and accuracy in the market, Suunto Vertical is the perfect companion for the highest peaks and demanding valleys.

Choose to go beyond your limits

HRV Recovery Measurement

Dual-Band GPS/GNSS

Up to 60 Days Battery

Outdoor Offline Maps

Maps You Can Count On.

Suunto Vertical's intuitive maps tell you all you need to know about the landscape. Contour lines, water, paths and other important landmarks are available in three different map styles.

For maximum safety, all navigation features can be used in offline mode too. Never get lost exploring!

Stay Safe in Challenging Environments.

With the altimeter, barometer and compass, you'll maintain spatial awareness with ease. In demanding surroundings, this can be a lifesaver.

Storm alarm and up to date weather forecast help you stay out of harm's way.

The Best Battery Life Out There.

Suunto Vertical packs a battery life that's ahead of its competitors: 85 hours of exercise tracking on the most accurate GPS setting with the titanium solar variant and 60 hours with the stainless steel variant.

In daily mode Suunto Vertical accompanies you up to 60 days – in the titanium solar variant even up to one year without charging!

Battery Life Comparison.

Suunto Vertical doesn’t sacrifice accuracy for longer battery life. It communicates with all five major satellite systems via Dual Frequency – an express lane for a faster, reliable signal.

The battery life comparison was conducted in training mode in sunny conditions (50 000 lux) with one second logging interval.

Suunto Vertical

Technical Specifications