Tapo P100 Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket

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Superior Smart Partner
✓ Remote control from anywhere
✓ Live smarter by presetting time
✓ Mighty features and compact size
✓ A deterrent for your home

The Superior Smart Partner for Small Appliances

Remote Control

Schedule & Timer

Voice Control

Compact Design

Mighty Features and Compact Size

Tapo P100 is built small to leave adjacent sockets open, making it convenient for daily use.

Tapo Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket

Away Mode, a feature that intelligently simulates someone being home by turning the plugged in device (like a lamp) on and off, makes it appear that someone is home when you’re on long trips to keep away people with ill intent.

Live Smarter by Presetting Time

Schedule and Timer features allow you to create weekly schedule and countdown plans. All of your connected electronics will automatically work at your preset time, making your life smart, convenient, and energy-saving.Turn off the phone charger after 2 hours.

Multiple Safety Guarantees

Under strict quality inspection by TP-Link’s lab and certification by global authority. UL94-V0 PC flame-retardant materials help minimize burning hazards. Automatic storage after powered off or connection is lost. Sliding safety cover prevents electric shock.

Tapo P100 Mini Smart Wi-Fi Socket

Technical Specifications