Therabody RecoveryTherm Cube

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Heat & Cold Therapy Device.
✓ Compact device for instant cold, heat, and contrast therapies
✓ Powered by Cryothermal Technology™ for precise and effective relief
✓ Wearable, portable, and convenient for on-the-go 
✓ Reduces inflammation, maximizes recovery

Ice it. Heat it. Cube it.

Pain relief has never been simpler.

3 Simple Preset Treatments

Cold Therapy.

Icy Cool Injury Relief. Say goodbye to messy, melty iced packs. Treat injuries and reduce inflammation the minute it strikes using Cube's cold therapy.

Heat Therapy.

Soothe Everyday Soreness. From everyday soreness and stiffness to chronic muscle and joint pain, feel better with Cube's heat therapy. No scalding heating pads necessary.

Contrast Therapy.

Smart Workout Recovery. Seamlessly switch between cold and heat for fast, effective recovery after any workout. Contrast therapy combines the benefits of cold and heat therapies to maximize your relief.

Get relief whenever, wherever.

Opt for a targeted handheld treatment, or go hands-free and treat anywhere on the body with Cube’s comfortable adjustable straps.

Take the guesswork out of recovery.

Cube uses optimal temperatures and treatment durations that deliver real, consistent results.

Set it and forget it.

Choose between 3 simple presets – cold, hot and contrast – and then let Cube do its thing. It’s the fastest, simplest treatment out there.

Powered by Cryothermal Technology™

Therabody RecoveryTherm Cube

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