TheraFace Mask

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A powerful, FDA cleared LED skincare mask with vibration therapy.
✓ Breakthrough FDA-cleared LED therapy for skin improvement
✓ Hands-free design with removable eye shields
✓ Healthier-looking skin in just 9 minutes a day
✓ 17 proprietary QX-Micro Motors that delivers vibration therapy

Supercharge your skincare routine.

Skincare alone treats only the skin's surface. LED goes deeper.

Get that TheraFace glow.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy stimulates collagen production for a more youthful complexion in as little as 3 minuts a day.

Red Light + Infrared Therapy

Red + Infrared light therapy penetrates even deeper to boost circulation for a more even skin tone in as little as 3 minutes a day.

Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy fights acne-causing bacteria and helps prevent new bacteria from growing in as little as 3 minutes a day.

Vibration Therapy

Massaging vibration therapy helps to ease facial tension and boost circulation around the eyes, browline and scalp for the ultimate calming experience.

Protect + multitask.

A cordless design with removable protective eye shields allows for safe, hands-free use— even with your eyes open.

Treat your skin in just 9 minutes.

Try Mask’s 9-minute preset treatment for clinically proven benefits. Or select a quick 3-minute treatment for specific skin concerns.

Soothe + massage.

Vibration therapy helps relieve tension and boost circulation on key pressure points around the eyes, browline and scalp.

The TheraFace Mask difference

See how TheraFace Mask stacks up against the leading LED mask competitor.


Designed with 3x more LEDs than the leading mask competitor, TheraFace Mask's 648 powerful, medical-grade lights offer maximum efficacy and results in the shortest amount of time.

Full-Face Treatment

Multi-tasking triple-diode LEDs offer full-face treatment coverage. Plus, removable protective eye shields allow for safe use with your eyes open.


Revitalize tired eyes and ease tension with circulation-boosting vibration around the eyes, browline and scalp.


Tailor your routine to your skin's unique needs with one of Mask's quick 3-minute treatments or use the 9-minute preset for clinically backed results.

Real people. Real results.

Amy M., Theragun user

"I bring this thing everywhere with me. It has definitely helped me with daily recovery."

Megan M., Theragun user

"I have chronic neck and back pain, and Theragun has provided me major relief."

Edwin E., Theragun user

"The triangle grip really helps me get comfortable angles on individual muscle groups."

TheraFace Mask

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