Yeelight LED Lightstrip PRO

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Breathe New Life to Any Space
✓ Designed with built-in IC chips
✓ 16 million colours mood light at your disposal
✓ Seamless integration with Apple HomeKit
✓ Flexible strip at any length

Size: 2-metre Set


Breathe New Life to Any Space

Add a little dose of your imagination to set up personalised lighting with multiple lighting controls.

Addressable Colour LED Strip to Rock Your Mood

The LED Light Strip Pro comes with built-in IC chips, which allows for different colors presenting in one strip. 16 million colors and distinct light effects are designed to paint your moments with diverse colors.

Flexible Stripe Affords Flexible Length

The LED Light Strip Pro can be freely trimmed* or extended up to 10m (32.9ft). You can indulge your imagination with colors by flexibly applying the LED Strip Pro to anywhere.

16 Million Colors for Customized Light Effects

You can always customize your own lighting scenes in the App*, which provides up to 100 ad-jutabled lighting effects. Each strip features a unique rainbow display.

A Seamless Integration with Apple HomeKit

With the Yeelight LED Light Strip Pro, you can take advantage of Apple HomeKit's conveniences for your smart home. To add the LED Light Strip Pro to Siri Shortcuts, all it takes is one click on your phone.

Yeelight LED Lightstrip PRO

Technical Specifications