Yeelight Smart Curtain Motor and Track

Sale price$299.00
Smart Home Automatic Curtain
✓ Opens or closes your curtains without reaching out for them
✓ Precise, quiet movement
✓ Wireless means a safer solution for homes with children or pets

Yeelight Smart Curtain Motor

Automate your existing curtains in the simplest and most cost-effective way, say goodbye to complex manual operating. Just move finger, you can control curtain easily, save time save labor. The curtain motor is made of high quality aluminum alloy, which is very firm and durable.

APP Remote Control, Can Control the Opening and Closing of the Curtains at Home.

Quiet Design, 35m Distance from 1 metre, Noise Reduction.

A Variety of Control Methods, Smart Devices Easily Linked.

Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Dual Module, No Need to Purchase Additional Gateways.

Yeelight Smart Curtain Motor and Track

Technical Specifications