LG C4 vs LG G3: Which OLED TV is Better?

By Naila Syifa
Updated April 2024

LG C4 vs LG G3

LG C4 is the latest addition to LG's mid-range OLED TV C series, offering exceptional picture quality and cutting-edge features at a competitive price point.

The C4 is obviously losing in many aspects when compared to the 2024-released high-end LG G4 model, but how does it stack up against last year's G3 OLED? Let's find out by examining both models in detail!

Key Takeaways

LG C4 wins in terms of processor, content upscaling, and fast-paced gaming. Meanwhile, the LG G3 wins in terms of brightness, audio quality, and design. LG C4 also introduces the newer webOS 24, but the G3 supports a newer Wi-Fi 6E standard.

LG C4 vs LG G3

LG C4 OLED evo

2024 Mid-Range TV

✓ α9 AI Processor 4K Gen7
✓ Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos
✓ 144Hz Gaming Refresh Rate
✓ webOS 24

LG G3 OLED evo

LG G3 OLED evo

2023 High-End TV

✓ α9 AI Processor Gen6
✓ Micro Lens Array
✓ Gallery Design
✓ webOS 23

#1 Price

LG C4 vs LG G3


Despite the C4 being the mid-range model and the G3 being the high-end model from LG, both OLED TVs have little price difference. The question of which model has a lower price can have different answers depending on the specific size you want to buy.

For example, the smallest 55-inch G3 costs US$1900, while the 55-inch C4 is slightly more expensive at US$2000. However, the 77-inch G3 is more expensive at US$3800, compared to the 77-inch C4 at US$3700.

However, the C4 model is available in smaller 42-inch and 48-inch sizes, which the G3 lineup lacks. These smaller sizes become a more affordable option for those with limited space or budget.

#2 Design

LG C4 vs LG G3


The G letter in G3 stands for "Gallery", referring to the unique gallery design with Zero Gap Wall Mount, which allows the TV to be mounted flush against the wall like a piece of art. The G3 also boasts a uniformly slim profile with a thickness of only 0.94" (2.4 cm), making it one of the thinnest OLED TVs on the market.

The C4 is also slim and has an almost invisible bezel for a seamless look. However, unlike the G3 with a picture frame-like uniform thickness, the C4 has a chunkier lower profile that makes it slightly protrude from the wall when wall-mounted.

Despite this design difference, both TVs have the same number of ports, including 4 HDMI and 3 USB 2.0 for connecting your devices and peripherals.

#3 Picture Quality

LG C4 vs LG G3

Alpha 9 AI Processor Gen 7 in LG C4

LG C4 offers a newer generation Alpha 9 AI Processor Gen 7, an improvement over the Alpha 9 AI Processor Gen 6 found in the LG G3. The newer processor in the C4 brings enhancements in content upscaling and motion handling, resulting in a slightly better overall picture quality compared to the G3.

While both TVs share a high maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, the LG C4 now also supports a 144Hz refresh rate when connected to a compatible PC with a 144Hz graphic card, allowing you to not only enjoy fast-paced action movies but also smooth and responsive gaming for even the fastest games.

However, the G3 has a big advantage when it comes to brightness. LG G3 OLED TV features Micro Lens Array (MLA) technology, which is currently the brightest OLED panel from LG. It is said to be 150% brighter than the entry-level non-evo OLED TV models like the LG B4. The C4 model, on the other hand, uses a standard OLED Evo panel without the MLA, resulting in a lower peak brightness compared to the G3.

#4 Audio Quality

LG C4 vs LG G3


When it comes to audio quality, the G3 is more impressive with its 4.2-channel speaker system consisting of four speakers and two subwoofers, which results in a more powerful sound compared to the two speakers and two subwoofers array of the 2.2-channel speaker system found in the C4 model.

Despite this difference, both TVs offer an immersive sound experience with features like Dolby Atmos, which delivers 3D surround sound that puts you in the center of the action, and AI Sound Pro, which up-mixes the audio to virtual 9.1.2 surround sound for a more cinematic experience even without an external sound system.

#5 Smart Features

LG C4 vs LG G3

LG webOS 24

Like other LG's 2024 OLED TV lineup, the C4 uses the newer webOS 24 with a nicer-looking user interface and the ability to create up to 10 password-protected user profiles. This is a great improvement over the webOS 23 found in the LG G3, but both smart TV platforms offer a similar selection of streaming apps and voice control options.

If you're a sports fan, you'll appreciate the Sports Alert feature available in both models, which keeps you updated with real-time scores and schedules for your favorite teams.

A range of gaming features also come standard in both models, including LG Game Dashboard, Game Optimizer, Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), NVIDIA G-SYNC, AMD FreeSync, and VRR for tear-free gaming.

LG C4 vs LG G3

LG Home Hub

Both the C4 and G3 OLED TVs also offer a Home Hub feature, which allows you to control your smart home devices directly from your TV screen. Both TVs work with Amazon Alexa, Apple Home, Google, and Matter-compatible smart home devices, making it easy to integrate your TV into your existing smart home ecosystem.

One thing to consider is while the C4 supports Wi-Fi 5, the G3 supports the newer Wi-Fi 6E standard. It is particularly beneficial for those with congested home networks or who stream a lot of high-bandwidth content, but you'll need a Wi-Fi 6E router to take advantage of this capability.

LG C4 vs LG G3

Final Thoughts

LG C4 vs LG G3


Being similar but also different in many aspects, it can be tricky to pick which model is the better OLED TV. You should consider your specific needs and weigh the pros and cons of each model to determine which one is the best fit for you.

The LG C4 emerges as the more budget-friendly model between the two due to its smaller size availability. LG C4 also boasts a newer generation processor for superior upscaling and motion handling, coupled with the improved webOS 24 and support for 144Hz gaming.

However, the G3 has brighter panels, a more powerful speaker system, a more premium gallery design, and support for the newer Wi-Fi 6E standard.

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