LG C4 vs Sony A95L: Specs, Features, and more

By Naila Syifa
Updated April 2024

LG C4 vs Sony A95L

Sony A95L was Sony's flagship OLED TV in 2023, offering impressive image quality and cutting-edge features. Despite not being the newest model, the A95L is still a top contender in the premium OLED TV market. However, how does it compare to the LG C4, which is the mid-range offering in LG's 2024 OLED lineup?

To determine which TV is the better choice, let's dive deeper into the key specifications and features of each model.

Key Takeaways

While LG C4 uses LG's webOS 24, Sony A95L uses Google TV as its smart TV platform. For voice control, Sony A95L uses Google Assistant while LG C4 uses its built-in Alexa. LG offers Home Hub and Matter support, making it a more versatile smart home platform compared to the Sony A95L. However, Sony A95L is a better choice for PS5 gamers with its exclusive PS5 features. Overall, Sony A95L is generally superior to LG C4 in terms of picture and audio quality.

LG C4 vs Sony A95L

LG C4 OLED evo

2024 Mid-Range Smart TV

✓ α9 AI Processor 4K Gen7
✓ AI Sound Pro
✓ Matter Support
✓ webOS 24

Sony A95

Sony Bravia XR A95L

2023 Flagship QD-OLED TV

✓ Cognitive Processor XR
✓ Acoustic Surface Audio+
✓ Exclusive PS5 Features
✓ Google TV

#1 Price

LG C4 vs Sony A95L


Despite being the older model, Sony A95L commands a higher price tag than the newer LG C4. The price ranges from $2,800 for the 55-inch model to $5,000 for the 77-inch variant.

The LG C4, on the other hand, retails at $2,000 for the 55-inch model and at $3,700 for the 77-inch model. It is also available at smaller size options, including 42-inch and 48-inch, which respectively costs $1,500 and $1,600, making it more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

#2 Design

LG C4 vs Sony A95L

Sony A95L

LG C4 boasts a sleek and modern design, featuring a minimalist approach with a thin profile and a nearly bezel-less display. The stand is a pedestal type, allowing for easy placement on a narrow furniture.

Sony A95L features One Slate design, which fuses the display panel and the bezel into a single slate for a sleek and premium appearance. It also comes with a rear cover and cable holders to keep the cables organized and hidden, ensuring a clutter-free setup from any direction.

While the LG C4 offers 4 HDMI and 3 USB ports, the Sony A95L only has 4 HDMI and 2 USB ports. Moreover, all the 4 HDMI ports in the C4 support 120Hz refresh rate, while the A95L only has 2 HDMI ports with 120Hz support. This gives the C4 an advantage in terms of high-speed connectivity, such as for connecting gaming consoles to the TV.

#3 Picture Quality

LG C4 vs Sony A95L


Both the LG C4 and Sony A95L offer exceptional OLED picture quality, thanks to their self-emissive pixel technology. However, there are some notable differences in their performance.

The LG C4 utilizes the latest OLED evo panel, which delivers higher peak brightness and improved color accuracy compared to previous OLED models. The upgraded Alpha 9 AI Processor Gen 7 also helps upscale content and enhance image quality.

On the other hand, the Sony A95L is equipped with the company's proprietary Cognitive Processor XR, which provides advanced image processing and upscaling capabilities. This results in exceptional detail, sharpness, and color, particularly with 4K content.

LG C4 vs Sony A95L

Sony A95L

Both TVs offer features like Dolby Vision and Filmmaker Mode, but the Sony A95L offers much more display features than the LG C4, including support for IMAX Enhanced and Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode. These two features automatically adjust the display settings for optimal IMAX and Netflix content respectively.

Furthermore, Sony A95L offers some exclusive PlayStation 5 features. Auto HDR Tone Mapping optimizes HDR performance for the PS5, while Auto Genre Picture Mode automatically adjusts the picture settings based on the game genre. This gives the Sony A95L advantage for gamers, especially those with a PlayStation 5 console.

#4 Audio Quality

LG C4 vs Sony A95L

Sony A95L

With the same 2.2-channel speaker system, both the LG C4 and Sony A95L offer impressive audio performance for their built-in speakers. However, the Sony A95L has a higher audio output of 60W compared to LG C4 with a total audio output of 40W, providing a more powerful sound experience.

Sony A95L stands out with its Acoustic Surface Audio+, which uses the entire screen as a speaker, delivering an immersive and directional audio experience. Meanwhile, the LG C4 is proud of its AI Sound Pro feature, which automatically optimizes the audio based on the content being played.

If you often watch dialogue-heavy movies or TV shows, you'll also be glad to know that both TVs are equipped with a similar voice-enhancing feature, which is called the Clear Voice Pro in LG C4 and Voice Zoom 2 in Sony A95L. Both improve the clarity of dialogue and voices so you can enjoy the content without constantly adjusting the volume.

#5 Smart Features

LG C4 vs Sony A95L

Sony A95L

The LG C4 runs on webOS 24, LG's proprietary smart TV platform. It provides a user-friendly interface, a wide selection of streaming apps, and the ability to create up to 10 password-protected user profiles.

In contrast, the Sony A95L relies on Google TV as its smart TV platform, offering an integrated experience with Google services. Choosing between the two operating system is a matter of preference, but both options ensure a comprehensive and reliable smart TV experience.

Both TVs offer voice control capabilities, with the LG C4 having built-in Alexa voice assistant while the Sony A95L offering Google Assistant. Despite this, both TVs work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit, making them compatible with a wide range of smart home ecosystems.

LG C4 vs Sony A95L

Home Hub in LG C4

However, LG C4 stands out with its support for Matter smart home standard, which is the future of smart home connectivity. The TV can act as a smart home hub where you can manage and control compatible devices directly from one central location, so you don't need to switch between multiple apps to control your smart home.

Sony A95L, with its Google Assistant support, also allows you to control Google Assistant-enabled smart home devices throughout your home. However, it doesn't offer a smart home hub dashboard like the Home Hub in LG C4.

LG C4 vs Sony A95L


Sony A95L stands out in another aspect, offering a built-in camera on top of the TV that you can attach and detach. This unique BRAVIA CAM enables features like video calling, gesture control, and proximity alert. It can also intelligently tracks your position and distance from the TV to optimize the picture and sound for your optimal viewing experience.

LG C4 vs Sony A95L

Final Thoughts

LG C4 vs Sony A95L


The LG C4 and Sony A95L both offer impressive image quality and advanced features, but there are some key differences that may sway your decision.

Sony A95L has superior picture and audio quality, as well as packed with numerous features like IMAX Enhanced, Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode, Accoustic Surface Audio+, exclusive PlayStation 5 features, and the unique BRAVIA CAM. It is more suitable for those who prioritize the absolute best in image and audio performance, as well as gamers with a PlayStation 5 console.

LG C4, on the other hand, is a more versatile TV that doesn't only excel in providing immersive entertainment experience but also offers a robust smart home integration through its Home Hub feature and support for the Matter smart home standard. Its webOS 24 also allows for up to 10 password-protected user profiles, making it suitable for large families or shared living spaces.

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