Theragun PRO (5th Gen) vs Theragun PRO (4th Gen): Should You Upgrade?

By Linus T.
Updated Jun 2023

Theragun PRO (5th Gen) vs Theragun PRO (4th Gen)

Therabody released their all-new Theragun PRO (5th Gen) in late 2022 as an upgrade to the previous 4th generation model that was launched in mid-2020.

We’ll dive into our Theragun PRO (5th Gen) vs Theragun PRO (4th Gen) review to figure out if it is worth the upgrade for you.

On our list

#1 Power & Performance

#2 Design & Display

#3 Battery & Charging

Theragun PRO (5th Gen)

Theragun PRO (5th Gen)

The World's Best Massager

Smarter and quieter than ever before, Theragun PRO is the ultimate tool for recovery and pain relief.

Theragun PRO (4th Gen)

Theragun PRO (4th Gen)

Trusted By Pros Worldwide

Enhance muscle recovery, release stress & tension, and soothe discomfort with the smart percussive therapy device in a league of its own.

1. Power & Performance

Theragun PRO (5th Gen) vs Theragun PRO (4th Gen)

Theragun PRO (4th Gen)

All the great things about the Theragun PRO (4th Gen) can still be found in the new 5th generation model. You can continue to get deep percussive therapy with Theragun’s 16 mm amplitude and a customisable speed range of 1,750 to 2,400 PPMs (percussion per minute).

The PRO is still backed by Theragun’s industry-leading 2-year warranty to give you peace of mind and complete confidence when using their devices.

One nice upgrade in the Theragun PRO (5th Gen) is that it is now 20% quieter with an all-new second-generation, proprietary EQ-150 brushless motor. Powered by QuietForce Technology™, Theragun has completely redesigned the existing motor to continue delivering unmatched power while being quiet than ever.

2. Design & Display

Theragun PRO (5th Gen) vs Theragun PRO (4th Gen)

Theragun PRO (5th Gen)

Comparing the devices side-by-side, they do almost look similar, and with good reason. The PRO (5th Gen) retains Theragun’s patented ergonomic triangle multi-grip design. For those unfamiliar, this design is one of Theragun’s trademarks which provides unparalleled ease of use when using the device to massage all around the body, effectively reaching up to 95% of body parts with utmost convenience (the middle of the back being the hardest to reach).

The PRO (5th Gen) also comes with 6 high-quality attachments like the 4th generation model, except the Cone attachment is now replaced with their all-new patented Micro-Point attachment. The Micro-Point is covered in flexible silicone spikes to provide increased stimulation throughout treatment.

One of the most visible upgrades in the PRO (5th Gen) is the new high-resolution OLED screen. Located on the handle of the device for easy access, it includes 4 pre-programmed routines: Sleep, Warm Up, Recovery, and Theragun Break. The OLED display also provides a visual guide on which body part to massage for the routine. If that’s not enough, like the 4th generation model, you can connect to the Therabody app via Bluetooth to get access to personalised routines and more.

3. Battery & Charging

Theragun PRO (5th Gen) vs Theragun PRO (4th Gen)

Theragun PRO (4th Gen)

Another great feature that was kept in the 5th Gen model is the removable and swappable batteries in the Theragun PRO. At the push of a button, you are able to easily remove the battery and swap it out for another. This also makes the batteries easy to replace if there are any battery malfunctions or issues when the device is no longer covered by the warranty.

However, a downside in the new 5th Gen model is that you will only receive 1x battery instead of the typical 2x battery found in the previous generations. For most, this wouldn’t be such an issue but for those that use the device in clinics or facilities, the multiple battery packs have always provided a great standby convenience.

The last upgrade in the PRO (5th Gen) is the all-new fast USB-C charging. Previously, Theragun used a unique charging cable, dock and adapter to charge the devices, which was cumbersome and expensive to replace as it was exclusively sold by Theragun only. With the new USB-C charging, you’ll definitely get more flexibility and convenience.

Compare Theragun PRO (5th Gen) vs Theragun PRO (4th Gen)

Final Thoughts

If you are an existing Theragun PRO (4th Gen) owner, the minor upgrades to the new 5th gen model do not really warrant buying it as these massage guns can be quite an investment.

However, if this is your first time getting a Theragun PRO, depending on the current price and promotion, you can consider the new 5th generation model instead and get access to the newest features available.

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