Blink Mini 2 vs Blink Mini: 6 Key Improvements

By Naila Syifa
Updated May 2024

Blink Mini 2 vs Blink Mini

Blink Mini 2 is the latest version of Blink's popular compact indoor security camera. Compared to the original Blink Mini, the Blink Mini 2 offers several notable upgrades and improvements. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the key differences between the Blink Mini 2 and the original Blink Mini to help you decide whether the Blink Mini 2 is worth the upgrade.

Key Takeaways

Blink Mini 2 has an improved night vision and a wider 143° FOV compared to Blink Mini with 110° FOV. Blink Mini 2 also supports outdoor placement, while the original Mini is only for indoors. Other new features the Mini 2 introduces include person detection support, a built-in spotlight, and a USB-C port instead of a micro-USB in the Blink Mini.

Blink Mini 2 vs Blink Mini
Blink Mini 2

Blink Mini 2

Tiny, Mighty Smart Security Camera

✓ Indoor & Outdoor
✓ Built-in Spotlight
✓ 143° Diagonal FOV
✓ Supports Person Detection

Blink Mini

Blink Mini

Compact Smart Security Camera

✓ 1080p HD Video
✓ IR Night Vision
✓ Motion Detection with Activity Zones
✓ Supports Local Storage

#1 Price

Blink Mini 2 vs Blink Mini

Blink Mini

Blink is known for their budget-friendly prices, and the Blink Mini 2 and Blink Mini are no exception. Blink Mini 2 retails at US$39.99, which is only $10 more than the original Blink Mini at US$29.99. Compared to other brands like Ring, these prices are very competitive.

Blink Mini 2 is also available as a US$49.98 bundle, consisting of the camera plus an additional Weather-Resistant Adapter, which makes it suitable for outdoor use. If you're planning to use the Blink Mini 2 outdoors, the bundle is the better option.

#2 Design

Blink Mini 2 vs Blink Mini

Blink Mini 2

Blink Mini 2 and Blink Mini share a similar design with a compact size and discreet appearance, but the Mini 2 introduces several new design elements, including a new built-in spotlight and IP65 weatherproof rating for outdoor use.

Take note that outdoor placement of Blink Mini 2 is only supported with the purchase of the Weather-Resistant Adapter, a 4-metre cable that allows the Blink Mini 2 to be used in outdoor environments. The original Blink Mini doesn't support the Weather-Resistant Adapter, so it is only suitable for indoor use.

Both smart cameras don't support battery power and require a constant wired power connection. While the original Blink Mini uses a micro-USB cable to connect to power, the Blink Mini 2 features a USB-C port for power. USB-C is a more modern and versatile connector compared to micro-USB, allowing you to use most other USB-C power adapters and cables to power the Blink Mini 2.

#3 Video Quality

Blink Mini 2 vs Blink Mini

Blink Mini

Blink Mini 2 and Blink Mini share the same maximum video resolution of 1080p, which is the minimum standard for most modern security cameras. If you need a higher video resolution for better detail and image quality, consider the Wyze Cam v4, which offers 2.5K QHD resolution for $35.98.

Both the Mini 2 and Mini are also equipped with infrared (IR) night vision for low-light recording. However, the Blink Mini 2 has an improved low-light performance compared to the original Blink Mini. This is because the built-in spotlight it offers helps to better illuminate the camera's field of view in dark environments, resulting in a night vision in color rather than just black and white footage.

Another improvement the Mini 2 offers is a wider field of view at 143 degrees, compared to the 110-degree field of view of the original Blink Mini. A wider field of view allows the Blink Mini 2 to capture more of the surrounding area within its frame, resulting in better coverage, visibility, and thus, security.

#4 Smart Features

Blink Mini 2 vs Blink Mini

Blink Mini 2 vs Blink Mini

Blink Mini 2 and Blink Mini offer most of the smart features that a modern security camera typically offers, including live view, two-way audio, motion detection & alerts, and customizable activity zones. As an Amazon-owned brand, both Blink cameras are also compatible with Alexa, so you can view the live feed and control the camera using voice commands.

Both Blink Mini 2 and Blink Mini also supports local storage, but only if you purchase the Blink Sync Module 2 separately. We highly recommend purchasing the module. It costs US$49.99, can be used for up to 10 Blink smart home devices, and allows you to store video clips locally without a cloud subscription. Otherwise, Blink also offers a subscription plan from US$3 per month for up to 30 days (EU/UK) or 60 days (US/CA) of cloud storage.

Blink Mini 2 vs Blink Mini

Blink Mini 2

The subscription also unlocks many more premium features, such as Extended Live View for up to 90 minutes of live streaming from the app (without the subscription you can only view live footage for up to 60 seconds, then click the Continue button continuously every 60 seconds if you want to keep watching).

One additional feature that the Blink Mini 2 supports is person detection, which the original Blink Mini does not offer. With this feature, you will only receive notifications when the camera detects a person, reducing the possibility of false or unnecessary alerts. However, a subscription plan is required to use this feature. If you don't plan to subscribe, then the Blink Mini 2 offers no significant advantage over the original Blink Mini in terms of smart features.

Blink Mini 2 vs Blink Mini

Final Thoughts

Blink Mini 2 vs Blink Mini

Blink Mini 2

In sum, Blink Mini 2 offers 6 key improvements over its predecessor Blink Mini, including:

  • A new built-in spotlight
  • More flexible placement both indoors and outdoors
  • A new USB-C port
  • Improved low-light vision in color
  • A wider field of view of 143 degrees
  • Support for person detection with a subscription

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