Blink Mini 2 vs Wyze Cam v4: Which Budget-Friendly Camera Has Better Value for Money?

By Naila Syifa
Updated May 2024

Blink Mini 2 vs Wyze Cam v4

Blink and Wyze, two well-known budget-friendly home security camera brands, have recently released a new generation model to their compact home camera lineups, the Blink Mini 2 and the Wyze Cam v4.

Being a 2024 model, these two cameras offer the latest features and technology to compete in the growing smart home camera market. But which one has better value for your home security needs? Let's find out!

Key Takeaways

Wyze Cam v4 has better value for money than Blink Mini 2. At similar pricing, Wyze Cam v4 offers almost 2 times the resolution of Blink Mini 2, boasting significantly sharper image quality. It also has noticeably better night vision, but Blink Mini 2 has a wider FOV for covering larger areas. In terms of features, Wyze also wins with an additional siren, support for continuous local recording, and more advanced AI detection with a subscription plan.

Blink Mini 2 vs Wyze Cam v4
Blink Mini 2

Blink Mini 2

Tiny, Mighty Smart Security Camera

✓ 1080p HD
✓ 143° Diagonal FOV
✓ Built-in Spotlight
✓ Free Local Storage with Sync Module 2

Wyze Cam v4

Wyze Cam v4

The Clearest Wyze Cam Ever Made

✓ 2.5 QHD with WDR
✓ 115.9° Diagonal FOV
✓ Built-in Spotlight & Siren
✓ 24/7 Continuous Local Recording

#1 Price

Blink Mini 2 vs Wyze Cam v4

Wyze Cam v4

Blink and Wyze are known for their affordable prices, and their latest 2024 models are no exception. Wyze Cam v4 is slightly cheaper at US$35.98, but the Blink Mini 2 is only a few dollars more at US$39.99.

Such a small price difference makes it a close call between the two, and budget-conscious consumers will likely be satisfied with either option.

#2 Design & Installation

Blink Mini 2 vs Wyze Cam v4

Blink Mini 2

Both cameras share a similar compact, rectangular design with an IP65 weather-proof rating, make them suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Both are also plug-in cameras, meaning that they require wired power to operate.

For outdoor installation, Blink Mini 2 requires the Weather Resistant Power Adapter. It is available as a bundle with the camera for $49.98. Similarly, Wyze Cam v4 requires an Outdoor Power Adapter for outdoor installation, but the adapter is sold separately for $19.99.

If you use a Wi-Fi 6 router in your home, Wyze Cam v4 has an advantage with its Wi-Fi 6 support, while the Blink Mini 2 does not. Wi-Fi 6 offers faster wireless speeds and better performance in crowded network environments, which could be beneficial for the Wyze Cam v4's video streaming quality.

#3 Video Quality

Blink Mini 2 vs Wyze Cam v4

Wyze Cam v4

Wyze Cam v4 leaps ahead with a 2.5 QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution, one of the best in the industry. A high-resolution camera is better at capturing details, like license plates or facial features, which can be crucial for home security purposes. In addition, the Wyze Cam v4 supports a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), resulting in better image quality with rich, vibrant colors.

Blink Mini 2, on the other hand, offers a more standard 1080p Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. It should be sufficient for most home security needs, but will not provide the same level of detail as the Wyze Cam v4.

Wyze Cam v4 also has better night vision, supported by four 850nm Infrared LEDs and two spotlight LEDs of 72 lumens. In comparison, the Blink Mini 2 only offers one 850nm Infrared LED and one spotlight. As a result, the Wyze Cam v4 performs better in low-light conditions, offering clearer, more detailed, and color-rich night vision footage.

Blink Mini 2 vs Wyze Cam v4

Blink Mini 2

When it comes to field of view, however, the Blink Mini 2 is superior. It can cover a wider area of 143° diagonally, while the Wyze Cam v4 has a narrower 115.9° diagonal field of view. A wider field of view means a wider coverage area, which results in results in better surveillance of large spaces.

#4 Smart Features

Blink Mini 2 vs Wyze Cam v4

Wyze Cam v4

Blink Mini 2 and Wyze Cam v4 share a suite of smart features commonly found in most smart home security cameras, including live view, two-way talk, motion detection and alerts, and customizable motion zones. Both cameras also have built-in spotlights that can be triggered by motion detection, providing additional illumination and deterrence.

Wyze Cam v4 also has a built-in siren of 99dB. It can be activated to scare off potential intruders and alert nearby people in the event of a security breach, an extra layer of protection in case the spotlight is not enough to deter the intruder.

Blink Mini 2 and Wyze Cam v4 support integration with a smart home ecosystem. However, Wyze Cam v4 provides broader compatibility, working with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT, while the Blink Mini 2 only integrates with Amazon Alexa.

Local Storage

Blink Mini 2 vs Wyze Cam v4

Blink Sync Module 2

Both cameras support local storage for subscription-free video history, but there are some differences in this aspect.

Blink Mini 2 requires an additional accessory called Sync Module 2, which acts like a local storage hub for Blink cameras. We insert a USB flash drive into Sync Module 2, which the Mini 2 will use for local storage.

Then, from the Blink app, we can view motion clips recorded on the USB drive. Note that the Blink Mini 2 only stores motion clips, which are videos recorded when motion is detected.

Blink Mini 2 vs Wyze Cam v4

Wyze Cam v4

Wyze Cam v4, on the other hand, doesn't require any additional device for local storage. We only need to insert a microSD card into the camera, and then we'll be able to view video history directly from the Wyze app.

In addition, Wyze Cam v4 supports 24/7 continuous local recording, so we can see the video history, regardless of whether motion was detected or not. It is a more comprehensive and simpler local storage solution compared to the Blink Mini 2.

Subscription Features

Blink Mini 2 vs Wyze Cam v4

Blink Mini 2

If you're planning on joining a subscription plan, Wyze Cam v4 also has better advantages. It offers unlimited video storage in the cloud and advanced AI motion detection that can differentiate between people, vehicles, pets, and packages.

Blink subscription plan, on the other hand, only offers cloud storage for up to 60 days and can only detect people but not packages, pets, or vehicles.

For a more comprehensive list of extra features offered by subscription plans for both brands, check out the Blink Subscription Plans page and Wyze Security Plans page.

Blink Mini 2 vs Wyze Cam v4

Final Thoughts

Blink Mini 2 vs Wyze Cam v4

Blink Mini 2

Blink Mini 2 and Wyze Cam v4 are head-to-head competitors with so many similarities. Both are plug-in, compact home security cameras under $40 that can be installed indoors and outdoors and come with high-quality footage and a range of smart features like motion detection and local storage.

However, we find that the Wyze Cam v4 has greater value for money than the Blink Mini 2. It offers significantly better video quality and night vision, a built-in siren, broader smart home integration, a more comprehensive local storage solution, and a more feature-rich subscription plan compared to the Blink Mini 2.

The only significant advantage that the Blink Mini 2 has over the Wyze Cam v4 is its wide field of view, which may be more suitable for larger spaces. In addition, if you already have other Blink devices and the Sync Module 2, the Blink Mini 2 may integrate more seamlessly into your existing home security setup.

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