Can You Guess What This Smart Contact Lens Can Do?

By Naila Syifa
Updated June 2024

Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens

Imagine a world where you can access information and augment your reality without ever having to look at a screen. This is the promise of smart contact lenses, a cutting-edge technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the world around us.

One company at the forefront of this innovation is Mojo Vision, which has developed a prototype that gives us a glimpse into the future of wearable technology.

Mojo Vision revealed its prototype of a smart contact lens at AWE 2022, and we will explore its capabilities and potential applications in this article.

#1 First Look

Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens

Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens

When the company demonstrated the smart contact lens being put in its CEO's eye, it was a historic moment for the future of wearable technology. However, the appearance can also be quite terrifying due to the visible electronic components embedded in the lens, giving it a cyborg-like look.

This 0.2″ diameter lens packs a very small MicroLED display, an ARM processor, 5 GHz radio, GPU, micro-batteries, and a power management circuit. Having to house all these electronic components in such a tiny space, Mojo Vision smart contact lens is much thicker than a typical contact lens.

#2 Features

Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens

Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens

Mojo Vision smart contact lens was designed as an augmented reality device, allowing users to see digital information overlaid in the real world right from their own eye.

With graphics floating in our field of vision, we can expect a whole new way of accessing information like in sci-fi movies. The prototype is still far from complete, but we can already imagine the following use cases:

  • Viewing our health & fitness data while working out;
  • Exploring new places guided by turn-by-turn navigation or map projected right in front of our eyes;
  • Receiving real-time translations of foreign language signs or conversations;
  • Receiving notifications without the need to look at a smartphone; and more.
Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens

Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens

The way users can interact with the smart contact lens remains a challenge that Mojo Vision has yet to overcome. However, it will likely involve an eye-tracking mechanism, which allows users to pinpoint elements with their eye movements.

Another interesting revelation is that the smart contact lens moves with your eye. That means, as you look around, the 15° field-of-view display moves with your vision, so the graphics always stay in view regardless of where you look.

#3 Current Development

Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens

Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens

Unfortunately, Mojo Vision in 2023 had announced to be calling off the smart contact lens development project due to funding issues, pivoting its focus and resources to the development of MicroLED.

However, more recently in June 2024, a team of scientists from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore are reported to be developing batteries for smart contact lenses, which can be charged with tears. The battery's coating of glucose enables it to react with the sodium and chloride ions present in saline solution, like tears, allowing it to innovatively power up on its own.

Although the development of smart contact lenses remains a challenging endeavor, the potential for this technology is immense. Hopefully, we will see more breakthroughs in the near future that can make this technology a reality.

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