Theragun PRO Plus vs PRO 5th Gen: 4 Aspects to Compare

By Naila Syifa
Updated October 2023

Theragun PRO Plus vs PRO 5th Gen

Theragun is known for its high-quality percussive therapy devices that are used by professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. It comes in a variety of models, but the new PRO Plus and PRO (5th Gen) are perhaps two of the best models.

How do these two models compare? Let's take a look at four key aspects to consider: price, features, design & display, and battery & charging.

SpecsTheragun PRO PlusTheragun PRO (5th Gen)
Buy on AmazonBuy on Amazon
Dimensions159 x 233 x 159 mm225 x 180 x 210 mm
Weight1.65 kg1.25 kg
ScreenYes, LCDYes, OLED
Attachments5 + 26
Amplitude16 mm16 mm
Maximum PPM2400 PPM2400 PPM
LED Light TherapyYesNo
Heat TherapyYesNo
Vibration TherapyYesNo
Battery Life150 min150 min

Key Takeaways

Theragun PRO 5th Gen only offers percussive massage therapy, while Theragun PRO Plus supports additional vibration, heat, LED light, breathwork, and cold therapy. However, PRO 5th Gen offers 6 percussive therapy attachments and has an OLED screen while the PRO Plus only has 5 with an LCD screen.

Theragun PRO Plus

Theragun PRO Plus

Ultimate Multi-Therapy Device

A combination of deep muscle percussive massage with 5 more cutting-edge therapies

Pro 5th Gen Image 1.webp__PID:a032d18b-5212-4673-bb84-ee1fc6cc5596

Theragun PRO (5th Gen)

Best for Massage

Scientifically-proven deep muscle treatment with quiet motor

#1 Price

Theragun PRO Plus vs PRO 5th Gen

Theragun PRO Plus

Theragun PRO Plus and Theragun PRO (5th Gen) both retail for US$599. They have the same price point, and it's much pricier than other models, making them a premium choice for those who are serious about their percussive therapy.

#2 Features

Theragun PRO Plus vs PRO 5th Gen

Theragun PRO (5th Gen)

Both the Theragun PRO Plus and Theragun PRO (5th Gen) boast a powerful percussive massage therapy at 16 mm amplitude, the deepest penetration possible to target muscle soreness and stiffness. Both also offer a customizable speed range of up to 2,400 percussions per minute, which allows you to tailor the intensity of the massage to your needs.

Both models offer QuietForce Technology, which ensures that the device can deliver powerful yet quiet massage therapy. This quiet motor makes the device more discreet and allows for more comfortable use in public spaces.

In the Therabody app, you can explore a wide range of guided routines and save your favorite ones directly to your Theragun device. In the app, you can also use the TheraMind sound therapy feature, which helps you focus and relax while using your device.

Theragun PRO Plus vs PRO 5th Gen

Theragun PRO Plus

When it comes to features, the primary difference between both models is that the Theragun PRO Plus offers 5 more additional therapies than a mere massage therapy as in the PRO (5th Gen) model. These include vibration therapy to relieve joint pain and treat sensitive areas, heat therapy to warm up muscles before exercise and boost circulation, and near-infrared LED light therapy to promote cell regeneration and reduce inflammation.

Another therapy supported by the PRO Plus model is Breathwork, which helps you relax and focus by syncing your breath to the device's haptic vibration cues. Theragun PRO Plus also comes with a built-in biometric sensor, which allows for heart rate readings by holding the device in the double-grip position and keeping the tip of your index finger placed on the biometric sensor.

The fifth additional therapy supported by Theragun PRO Plus is cold therapy, which helps to reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling. However, cold therapy requires a separate Cold Attachment which costs an additional US$89 to purchase.

#3 Design & Display

Theragun PRO Plus vs PRO 5th Gen

Theragun PRO (5th Gen)

Both models are designed with ergonomics in mind, featuring a patented Theragun Triangle handle that allows for a comfortable multi-grip and easy reach to all areas of the body. Both also feature a small display that allows you to easily navigate between 5 massage speeds and follow visually guided built-in routines.

One difference is that the PRO Plus model features an LCD screen, while the PRO (5th Gen) model features an OLED screen, which is superior to an LCD in terms of picture quality.

Theragun PRO Plus vs PRO 5th Gen

Theragun PRO Plus

Theragun PRO (5th Gen) model also comes with 6 percussive therapy attachments, including a Dampener for use in tender or sensitive areas, a Standard Ball for all-over body massage, a Thumb for trigger points and knots, a Wedge for shoulder blades and IT bands, a Micro-Point to increase circulation and stimulate recovery, and a Supersoft for ultra-sensitive areas like around joints or bones.

Theragun PRO Plus only comes with 5 percussive therapy attachments, offering all that the PRO (5th Gen) model offers but excluding the Supersoft attachment. However, it also comes with an additional Vibration Therapy attachment and Heat Therapy attachment to provide additional therapies.

#4 Battery & Charging

Theragun PRO Plus vs PRO 5th Gen

Theragun PRO (5th Gen)

Both models have a rechargeable battery that offers a battery life of up to 150 minutes per charge. However, note that the battery life may decrease depending on the speed and attachment used.

Both use USB-C cables for charging, which are included in the package. This is an advantage compared to the previous PRO (4th Gen) model which still uses an exclusive Theragun power adapter which is not as widely compatible.

Theragun PRO Plus vs Theragun PRO 5th Gen

Final Thoughts

Theragun PRO Plus vs PRO 5th Gen

Theragun PRO Plus

Overall, both the Theragun PRO Plus and PRO (5th Gen) are excellent devices with powerful massage therapy capabilities. The PRO Plus supports more additional therapies including vibration therapy, heat therapy, near-infrared LED light therapy, breathwork, and cold therapy.

However, the PRO (5th Gen) model has the advantage of offering a superior OLED display screen and an additional Supersoft attachment, making it the ideal choice for those who want to focus on massage therapy and don't need the additional therapies offered by the PRO Plus.

Ultimately, the decision of which model to choose depends on your needs and budget.

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