Theragun PRO Plus vs Sense: 4 Things to Know

By Naila Syifa
Updated Feb 2024

Theragun PRO Plus vs Sense

Theragun PRO Plus and Theragun Sense are some of Theragun's newly released massage gun models, and they're both designed to help you relieve aches, pains, and tensions. How do you choose the right one for you? Here are 4 aspects you should consider when making the decision.

SpecsTheragun PRO PlusTheragun Sense
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Dimensions159 x 233 x 159 mm210 x 160 x 65 mm
Weight1.65 kg0.72 kg
ScreenYes, LCDYes, LCD
Attachments5 + 24
Amplitude16 mm12 mm
Maximum PPM2400 PPM2400 PPM
LED Light TherapyYesNo
Heat TherapyYesNo
Vibration TherapyYesNo
BreathworkYes120 min
Battery Life150 min120 min

Key Takeaways

Theragun PRO Plus is superior to Theragun Sense. It supports percussive massage, breathwork, vibration, heat, LED light, and cold therapy, while Theragun Sense only supports the first two features. PRO Plus model also comes with more attachment, has a deeper amplitude, and has a longer battery life.

Theragun PRO Plus

Theragun PRO Plus

Ultimate Multi-Therapy Device

A combination of deep muscle percussive massage with 5 more cutting-edge therapies

Theragun Sense

Theragun Sense

Massage and Mindfulness

Scientifically-proven percussive massage with calming breathwork

#1 Price

Theragun PRO Plus vs Sense

Theragun Sense

Theragun PRO Plus is more on the high-end side, retailing at a premium price of US$599. Theragun Sense, on the other hand, is more affordable at US$299, making it a great budget option. However, the Theragun PRO Plus does come with more features than the Theragun Sense, so the price difference may be worth it for some consumers.

#2 Features

Theragun PRO Plus vs Sense

Theragun PRO Plus

Both the Theragun PRO Plus and Theragun Sense offer a powerful percussive massage at a maximum speed of 2,400 percussions per minute (PPM), but the Theragun PRO Plus offers a deeper amplitude of 16 mm, compared to Theragun Sense which has a moderate amplitude of 12 mm for less intense massage.

Guided Breathwork routines are also available in both models, allowing you to relax and focus on your breathing by following the device's vibrations as haptic cues to guide you through each breath. Both models also come with a built-in biometric sensor, allowing you to track your heart rate by easily placing the tip of your index finger on the biometric sensor.

Theragun PRO Plus vs Sense

Theragun Sense

In the Therabody app, you can even use the TheraMind sound therapy feature to help you relax even further by playing calming sounds and music during your breathwork session. The app also offers a wide range of pain and stress relief guided routines and device customization options, allowing you to tailor your massage experience to your specific needs.

When it comes to features, Theragun PRO Plus has some additional benefits that make it a more versatile option than the Theragun Sense. Other than percussive massage therapy, it also supports vibration therapy to relieve joint pain and treat sensitive areas, heat therapy to warm up muscles before exercise and boost circulation, and near-infrared LED light therapy to promote cell regeneration and reduce inflammation. Cold therapy is also supported to help reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling, but you need to purchase the Cold Attachment at an additional cost of US$89.

#3 Design & Display

Theragun PRO Plus vs Sense

Theragun PRO Plus

Theragun PRO Plus and Theragun Sense have a sleek and modern design, with a patented triangular handle that allows for a comfortable grip and easy reach to all areas of the body. Both models feature an LCD screen, which allows you to navigate between 5 massage speeds with ease.

The PRO Plus model has an advantage with its 5 percussive attachments, compared to the Sense model which only comes with 4 percussive attachments. These attachments that come with the Theragun PRO Plus include a Dampener for use in tender or sensitive areas, a Standard Ball for all-over body massage, a Thumb for trigger points and knots, a Wedge for shoulder blades and IT bands, and a Micro-Point to increase circulation and stimulate recovery. Theragun Sense comes with all but the Wedge attachment, making it less versatile than the Theragun PRO Plus.

Theragun PRO Plus also comes with an additional Heat Attachment and Vibration Attachment that supports vibration therapy and heat therapy. However, it is heavier at 1.65 kg without attachments, compared to Theragun Sense which only weighs around 725 g, making it more suitable for on-the-go use and travel.

#4 Battery & Charging

Theragun PRO Plus vs Sense

Theragun Sense

Both devices use a USB-C charging port, which makes it easy to charge on the go with a portable battery pack or a laptop. One advantage is that the Theragun PRO Plus has a longer battery life of 150 minutes, compared to the Theragun Sense which lasts only around 120 minutes on a full charge.

This makes the PRO Plus model a better option if you plan to use it for longer massage sessions or if you often use it while traveling and don't have access to a power source.

Theragun PRO Plus vs Theragun Sense

Final Thoughts

Theragun PRO Plus vs Sense

Theragun PRO Plus

Theragun PRO Plus is a premium option that offers more features and attachments than the Theragun Sense, making it a more versatile option for those who need a more intense and customized massage experience.

However, if you're looking for a more budget-friendly option that still provides powerful percussive massage therapy and guided breathwork routines, the Theragun Sense may be the right choice for you.

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